Facts and statistics about heartburn that may surprise you. (page 27)
The influence of family on your heartburn problems... mabe you can blame it on your
parents after all! (page 29)
How to tell if you have heartburn or some other medical problem. (page 21)
Complications that can arise from heartburn, and how to guard against them.
(page 31)
The causes of heartburn, and how they influence what you should do about yours.
(page 12)
Specific methods of preventing heartburn. (page 37)
In my book, you'll learn all about...
It may take a little time before you find a remedy suitable for you, but one is there,
believe me.
The most common causes of heartburn and how to avoid them. (page 39)
Instead you can help yourself to a new life with less pain and suffering.
You can stop living with the despair of not having a normal life.
What effect exercise can have on your heartburn. (page 48)
When I wrote it, these are the questions I was answering for myself.
Then my book can help you.
When should you use drugs - and when should you try the natural remedies for
heartburn? (page 49)
If you want real answers about how to make the pain stop...
The one key to discovering the heartburn treatment that will work for you -
deceptively simple, but effective! (page 51)
If you want to know how to tell if your heartburn might be something dangerous...
Lifestyle changes you can make that will relieve your heartburn without taking all the
fun out of your life. (page 53)
If you want to know why you get heartburn...
What about gum and candy? I found the answers. (pages 59-60)
But what I can say is this...
Using tea as a remedy for heartburn -- and why some teas set your heartburn off like a
raging fire, while others soothe and cool your heartburn with ice-like magic. (page 61)
I can’t promise that all the remedies in this book will have the same effect for you as they
had for me (and my friends). I also can’t promise that this book will answer all of the
questions that you may have about heartburn.
Curing Acid Reflux & Heartburn
Just think of me as your research biologist!
So I've saved you from doing all the research yourself.
How to relieve the pain
caused by
Acid Reflux & Heartburn.
I've written an entire book on the subject that spells out what causes heartburn, how to tell it
from other illnesses, and most importantly...
I took one look at the notes I'd been taking, considered the fact that I have two
degrees in Biology
and realized I could indeed write a book on the topic. And that's
what I've done.
At some point after I had cured my Acid Reflux heartburn and finished doing all my
research on the subject, someone said to me, "You've become such an expert on this topic
and your a biologist maybe you should consider writing a book. You could really help
people end their pain and suffering."
"The Acid Reflux Heartburn
I go into great detail about this, and the remedies I've found that relieve heartburn pain,  in a
book I've written.
That was another “burning” question I had since my sister doesn’t suffer from any
heartburn at all, and I do. Genetics and Lifestyle do matter.
To put it simply, your stomach produces acids when you eat or drink anything to
better aid in the digestive process.  And since there are more acids present in your
stomach at this time, you have a better than average chance of getting heartburn.

But it is also true that almost half of us will live our entire lives without suffering from
heartburn.  So why does it affect some people and not others?
There is a good explanation for this and it all has to do with something I mentioned earlier,
about the acids flowing back up into your gullet (esophagus).
On a very simple level, the causes of heartburn are associated with a lot of things,
food being the main culprit. Coffee and chocolates being another, since heartburn for
most people occurs after eating or drinking
Okay, we know what heartburn is now...but what causes it to happen?
What Actually Causes Acid Reflux & Heartburn?
They may not even realize that there their pain could get significantly worse if not
taken care of immediately.
Each person who suffers from heartburn will feel bad to some degree, but a lot of
people will only experience the milder symptoms.
However, not everyone will feel the pain as severely as I used to, since it all depends
on exactly how much of the stomach acids flow back up into the esophagus.

And it’s on this that the severity of your heartburn depends. I also found that
“severity” is a relative term.
Lifestyle changes you can make that will relieve your heartburn without taking all the
fun out of your life. (page 53)
I personally prefer the term “heartburn” though, as the pain I feel when having an
attack is more like my heart is “burning up”.
Recipes for remedies that work -- and that you can mix up in your own
kitchen using common ingredients. You probably already have most of
these in your kitchen now; all you have to do is combine them correctly.
(page 79)
Some people believe that this is a more fitting name than heartburn, since the “acid”
in the acid reflux refers to the stomach acids, while the “reflux” refers to refluxing
motion of the acids upwards, towards the mouth.
Alternative remedies that work. How to use reflexology, massage, yoga,
chiropractic and other alternative methods to soothe your heartburn pain.
(page 94)
There are many names that I found heartburn to be masquerading under, but one of
the more well known and apt ones is “Acid Reflux”.
Advice on adapting your favorite recipes  so you can still enjoy them
without the heartburn. Yes, even chili! (page 104)
Acid Reflux - Is It The Same As Heartburn?
What You Don't Know
Hurt You
Which leads us to a name for this condition that has become very popular lately...
It might be easy to just "go along" with your
heartburn, popping those antacid tablets when it gets
really bad...but that's really not a good idea.
Then there’s always the other possibility that you may have felt the burning sensation
but thought it nothing more than simple indigestion.
In fact ignoring your heartburn pain may
cost you your life
You may know it by another name - “Dyspepsia.
There are facts about heartburn you should know
When these stomach acids flow back up into the esophagus, they irritate the sensitive
esophagus lining, which in turn causes that uncomfortable burning sensation that I was so
familiar with.

When you read this, if you recognize the symptoms I described, but not the name
“Heartburn or Acid Reflux”, you could be right.
Facts that most people don't know; but ignoring these facts can
result in very bad things happening to you.
The lining of the esophagus is more sensitive than that of the stomach and is not
equipped to handle the harsh stomach acids.
That's just some of the information I
cover in my book.
I found out that heartburn occurs when the stomach acids produced after food consumption
come into contact with the esophagus, or the "gullet" as it is also known.
I go into detail about...
I’m not saying my explanation is by any means comprehensive, since after all, I’m
not a doctor just a bioligist, but in the case of heartburn a few things tend to stand
out, and this is one of them.
How to tell if that pain you feel is heartburn - or heart attack. (page 21)
Generally, an onset of heartburn is known to occur right after a meal, and I found the cause
for this to lie in a very simple explanation.
What is GERD - and why you must know the facts about it. In fact, not
knowing could cost your life. (page 18)
And as this burning discomfort usually occurs in the same region as the heart, the
condition has been termed “heartburn” despite having nothing whatsoever to do with
the heart itself.
Why ignoring or “living with” your heartburn is the exact wrong thing to
do, and can lead to devastating consequences. (page 31)
Heartburn is the name of the condition given to a burning discomfort in the chest, just
behind the breastbone.
The meaning of heartburn during pregnancy - and what you can or cannot
do about it. (page 16)
What Is Heartburn, Anyway?
Common illnesses you might confuse with heartburn; some are minor,
while others can kill you. (page 21)
But I did find some answers that worked for me, and for others I have shared them
Don't you owe it to yourself (and your loved ones) to get the facts about
your heartburn?
You should talk to your doctor about it
(I am not a doctor and am not offering any medical advice!).
How Much Does The Book Cost?
The fact that it's a real medical condition - and not just a matter of having a "weak
stomach" or something like that - means you should take it seriously.
Of Course You Do
But more importantly, I wanted to know how to stop it!
Right about now, if I were you, I'd be wondering how much this
book costs. Well, first let me ask you this: how much is it worth to
be free from pain?
I didn’t realize this until I started researching the information for myself. I wanted to
discover as much as I could about what was causing me so much pain and discomfort.
Put another way... if you could pay $100 and forever stop your
heartburn pain, would you do it? If you suffer from real
heartburn pain, you know you would.
Heartburn is a recognized medical condition - or at least some types of it are.
Would you pay $200, or even $500... if you knew you could
once and for all stop the heartburn pain?
People sometimes act like heartburn isn't even a real medical problem - and they
couldn't be more wrong.
Of course I'm not going to ask for $500, or $200, or even
$100 for the book. Because let's face it: you don't know for
sure if it will work for you.
It's Kind of Strange
So here's what I'm going to do..
Heartburn Is a Real Medical Condition
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But there are ways to get relief...
Here Are Some Unsolicited
Customer Comments
Despite the research and studies that both medical science and independent organizations
have conducted into the condition of heartburn, the question regarding what causes it for
some people and not for others remains unanswered.
Bob Grace from Don Pedro Florida writes:
Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be painful, even up to the point of being
I had been living with my Acid Reflux for at least 17 years. I was
miserable to the point that I retired early because it was affecting my
work. After a business lunch I would spend hours with gas and pain all
the while trying to make a sale. I was popping one antacid after another.
My doctor was not much help and basically told me that the over the
counter medicines were my only choice in solving my problem. Boy
was he wrong! I just happened on your book after a particular nasty
case of heartburn and quickly learned that I had lots of options to
control my acid reflux. I have been heartburn free for about a year and a
half. I have recommended your book to members of my family who also
have acid reflux and heartburn problems. As a result they too have
gotten relief from gas, pain and bloating. Thanks Jim, you made my life
a whole lot more comfortable.

Suffering from any type of heartburn, even a mild case, is one experience you’re not
likely to forget in a hurry.
Connely Kroll of Chicago writes:
It was so painful. What could I have done to cause that terrible burning feeling?
I am dropping you this short note to tell you how much your book on
curing heartburn has helped me and my wife. We both suffer from
chronic heartburn and have tried several methods to control the pain
and discomfort. Your book gave us simple natural remedies that
really worked for us.

Thank You
Mr and Mrs. Connely Kroll
The Agony of Heartburn
The first time heartburn struck me, I wondered what on earth could be causing my agony.
If you thought your heartburn was just something you have to live with, there's good
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drugs gave me side affects that were almost worse than the
Heartburn. I used two of your natural remedies and within
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Jamie Combs
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