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Heartburn prevention can be a serious endeavor. With over 47
million heartburn sufferers and counting, with the dozens and
dozens of educative advertisements, and with the amount of
information that exists today on heartburn, the one thing you
would expect to find would be more initiative from people for

heartburn prevention.

However, It actually does make sense. People tend not to think
of their mortality, and take for granted that a few simple steps
might prevent what can be a very painful journey.
prevention is easy, it is actually curing heartburn that’s harder.

It is true, heartburn won’t hit everyone, but still, a very large
number of people will suffer from it, with the numbers growing
larger and larger, along with numbers for
heartburn related

If look back at your relatives health and see heartburn or acid
reflux conditions, if you’re overweight, if you tend to devour
large amounts of caffeine like it’ s going out of fashion, or if
you like eating spicy meals. If any or all of these describe you,
then there’s a good chance that you’re at risk for

Do not be dismayed, if you’re truly interested there are
heartburn prevention methods out there that will keep you
living heartburn free.

The most frequent prescribed heartburn prevention out there,
is to eat smaller meals. Eating large meals fills your stomach
which in turn increases your
heartburn risk. Eat regularly, and
don’t eat just before bedtime, lying down may cause the acid
in your stomach to rise. As an obvious one, don’t exercise for
2-3 hours after a meal. Same reasons.

Stop using alcohol, and other beverages that will stimulate
heartburn, like citric juices and tomato juice. Coffee, and
caffeine filled products should be avoided at all costs, as
should nicotine, therefore, no smoking either!

When you go to bed you will find lying down on your left side
also helps, as does elevating your head when you sleep.
Placing a few bricks, or blocks of wood underneath the
headboard to elevate it slightly should be okay, otherwise try
using a wedge-like pillow under your head.

Get comfortable and get rid of your tight fitting clothing, as
this will only put a strain on your stomach, also try and avoid
bending. Acid reflux is quite common in this situation.

Whe you take medications, be aware of taking any with aspirin
or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you do need
non-prescription painkillers, then try replacing your aspirin
with something like acetaminophen. However, you should
always consult your doctor when taking medication of any kind,
and you should also be careful if taking different
at the same time.  

We realize that these are but a few of the more common
heartburn prevention methods available to us, but these are
also the most effective, and easy to practice methods.
Heartburn prevention is easy, try it before you too succumb to
the painful rigors of
heartburn, and live your life heartburn

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